In the mid-1800's Central City was established as a transportation hub for eastern Iowa. We are centrally located on the Wapsipinicon River between Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Dubuque, and Iowa City and our proximity inspired our name. We became a major player in the transportation of goods to various communities in the eastern region of Iowa. The Central Pacific Railroad also helped put us on the map when they made us a major stop in the transportation of farm to market crops.    

Our geography is central.

As the years passed, we became a central location for many groups and individuals. We are within a few miles of the adventures that can be found outdoors at Howard R. Cherry Boy Scout Camp, Camp Hitaga, and the YMCA Camp Wapsi. We are the heart of an excellent K-12 school system, a wonderful city park system that brings in people from surrounding areas, as well as popular county park system with camping and nature trails, we draw more than 400,000 visitors to our community each year because of our unique surroundings and convenient location.

Our recreation and natural surroundings are central.

And in the center of it all, Central City has an impressive historic district composed of beautiful, century-old buildings. We are a family oriented and friendly community that welcomes visitors year round with all the uniqueness of small town living.

Our story is central.

We pride ourselves as being a "get it done and work together community" once know as "your nearest faraway place", Central City is the true meaning of Mid-western life in Iowa.


We are Central City where life is Central.